Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

We bought a house 2 years ago. While it was exciting to transition from apartment living to vast expanses of square footage (not really…but really when you live in NYC!), it was also expensive. We desperately needed a new coffee table, but mortgage payments+educational loan payments+baby+bills+life‚Ȇcrate and barrel coffee table (or really anywhere else). So I took it upon us (me+ever-so-patient husband) to build a coffee table. I do not have a step-by-step for two reasons: 1. I did not document it appropriately (see below) and 2. while I am pleased with the look, the durability is questionable. There was wood glue, and dowel pins, a drill, some 2×4’s, a frame from an old coffee table, and some decorative hardware meant for a garage door. This was my first solid attempt at a DIY project (prior attempts do not even get honorable mention).

Here is the final product.


The only before documentation that exists. My DIY photography skills need refining.

I am on my way as a DIY’er!