Halloween 2016: Foam, Felt and Yarn.

This year’s halloween inspiration came from my daughter’s favorite word: Taco. We attended a Halloween  party at her daycare where family costumes are encouraged and awarded. (We won this year! 🙂 ). Since Sriracha® is the new trend among foodies, I thought that would be an appropriate addition to the theme. My brother gave the idea for dad’s costume, and it was definitely the most enjoyable to create! We got a lot of laughs and had a great time!


I created the taco shell using foam wrapped in light yellow fabric. She helped in adding the brown dots. The ‘filling’ is felt pieces cut in various shapes. My creative side is rubbing off on dad, it seems, as he had the idea of using my daughter’s Dapper Snapper (these are fantastic for normal use, btw!) to hold the shell together. I pinned the green piece over it. The costume was actually easier for her to maneuver in than I had expected-win!

I knitted the hats and the TUMS® costume was also created using foam, felt and a white, wide-tip, sharpie.



Why So Serious?

Growing up in Ohio, I always hated having to wear a coat over my Halloween costume. Last year, I decided to insert warmth under the costume (not a novel idea, I know). After deciding my almost 2 year old daughter would entertain us by being Batman for Halloween, I took to creating her costume.

Using a black zip-front hoodie as the base, a crafted a cape to go around. I inserted a zipper in the front of the cape, in order to ease any drama around putting the costume on. I also crocheted a mask, but that was a no-go with the munchkin. Definitely not a flawless creation, but fun nonetheless!